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STUPA incense is a socially and environmentally conscious business that supports the cottage industry providing employment to many local artisans in the Kathmandu Valley, essentially allowing them to continue their trades within their own homes. They have been in the industry for over 2 decades, their incense is handmade using the Lama Dorjee technique. Please note that when Stupa Incense started their business they were taught the ancient art of incense making by Lama Dorjee and his recipe continues to be used to create their incense to this day. Their business is based in the foothills of the Nagarjung Forest in the Kathmandu Valley and as a result they have direct access to a wide range of pure natural ingredients like herbs, plants, leaves and tree barks that are foraged, dried, ground down and then blended to create their unique incense sticks. Their packaging is either fully recyclable or re-usable and they are huge supporters of artisan hand made lokta paper with many of their products being either wrapped in this paper or actually packaged in stunning lokta paper boxes.

Dhupaya (or Rope) incense is traditional to the indigenous people of the Newari Community in Nepal, who burn rope style incense daily during meditation practice and as offerings to the Gods, popular in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It is made by turning many different aromatic herbs foraged from the Himalayas into finely powdered form and then wrapping them in very thin strips of Lokta paper (an ancient form of Nepalese artisan made paper) and gently twisting it into what appears to be a rope-like incense. There are 8 pieces and they come packaged in a lokha paper tube with a black ceramic incense holder, burn time is approximately 30 minutes. Burning dish is sold separately.

This incense is prepared using Buddhist incense making techniques. Wild foraged natural resins, herbs, plants, leaves and tree barks are blended to create this beautiful incense.

Packaging: Stupa Incense have created packaging with a lovely modern twist that beautifully honours an incense with an ancient tradition. The 100% recyclable lokta paper tube with lid is cream coloured with X font.

Krishna: Krishna is a Hindu deity, the God of protection, compassion, tenderness and most importantly love. He is the deliverer of joy and happiness. The smoke that is created from this incense helps to connect with Krishna and is perfect for daily use, when you are in need of nurturing and comfort or require help with romantic love.